Late summer

I don’ t know about you but I feel really mixed about late summer.

In a way, I am ready to get back to the routine of teaching; getting up early, packing lunch the night before.

Part of me thrives on the rigid schedule of structured days.

But the other part of me revolts.

I want more summer! That side of me screams.

I didn’t have enough fun yet! It’s not fair! (what’s not fair? I don’t know- life?)

The contented part of me is happy to have the cooler nights that come with less have-to-have-fun pressure.

The creative side of me is happy. I tend to make more time to create in the cooler months. And since Vermont is chock full of those, the innovator in me can thrive.

There are also things to look forward to. Apple cider, fires, pumpkins and stews. Being cozy inside of the house, and adventuring through the  snow.

Here’s to slowing down a bit – just a bit- from full throttle to  just cruising – into fall.





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