RESPONSIBLE SOURCING All of my work is made with recycled metals. I source only stones that are certified ‘conflict free.’ Some are traceable to the country of origin. If you are interested in finding out more, please reach out with specific questions!

RETURNS AND EXCHANGES Exchanges on in stock items only. Any item that is made to order is not eligible for exchange. That includes all custom items and rings made to order based on your ring size. Exchanges are available for 14 days after they are purchased, with the exception of items purchased between Nov 15 and the holidays. Those items are eligible for exchange through Jan 6. Returns are subject to restocking fee.

SHIPPING Most in stock items ship same day or next day. Most rings are made to order and are not stocked. These take 2-4 weeks for rings without stones, and 4-6 weeks for rings with stones. If something aside from a ring needs to be specially ordered or is out of stock I will email you to let you know. I am not responsible for paying international tariffs or taxes.

HOLIDAY SHIPPING To arrive by the Christmas holiday, I would recommend flat rate shipping until the 18th, priority to the 20th and express after that. These dates are suggestions and do not guarantee arrival by the 25th.

The custom design process includes an initial consultation meeting and 1-2 rounds of design ideas/ renderings. Any additional rounds of design may be carried out at an additional cost. Once you approve the renderings no changes can be made and no refunds will be given. After the consultation, we will prepare an estimate that includes the 1-2 rounds of design ideas/renderings and the cost of materials and production at the time of the estimate. This estimate will be an estimate only and actual material and productions costs may be more or less than the estimate. The estimate will not include additional rounds of design (see below for more on this).
All custom designs will remain the intellectual property of Courtney Reckord Jewelry and may not be reproduced by you or anyone else for any reason.

We do not charge a design fee for the custom topographic and silhouette pieces shown here https:// We may charge a non-refundable design fee (the “Design Fee”) for all other custom orders, payable before we start working on the design, and which will be applied toward the final purchase. If you would like to design an original piece or make any other changes to current designs that I have created other than the type of metal used to create the piece, the Design Fee will be $500.00. Any additional rounds of design will cost $100.00 per round, payable prior to further work on additional renderings. Once you approve the final rendering, the Design Fee will be applied to the total cost of your piece as part of the Deposit.

All custom pieces designed by Courtney Reckord Jewelry require a non-refundable deposit equal of 50% of the final cost (the “Deposit”). Payment of the Deposit means that you are ready for us to send your piece to production. Any Design Fee paid will be applied toward the amount due for the Deposit. The remaining balance will be charged upon completion of the piece. Jewelry will be shipped after receiving the final balance. If you decide to cancel your order after production has begun, you will be responsible for all production and material costs in excess of the Deposit amount.

Once your piece has been completed we will notify you. The remaining balance due will be required in full prior to our delivery of the piece.

Custom pieces are non-returnable and all payments are non-refundable.

If you would like to use a pre-owned gemstone, please contact us. You will have to fill out our stone intake form, send photos of the stones, and provide detailed information about stone type, carat weight, any certifications (GIA, etc.) and current mounting. Stone requests are approved on a case- by-case basis, and an additional fee will be charged (price determined with client depending on the stone). You expressly agree that there is reasonable risk involved in the handling of stones, the removal of stones from mountings, and the resetting of stones including but not limited to, cracks, chipping and breakage. By providing consent for Courtney Reckord Jewelry to reset a pre-owned gemstone, you agree to release from liability and hold harmless Courtney Reckord Jewelry from any losses or damages of any kind arising from any stone damage that may occur to your pre-owned gemstone during the creation of your custom piece. If you choose to use your own gemstones and ship them directly to Courtney Reckord Jewelry, you will be responsible for the shipping and for safety of the stone itself until we receive it and confirm such receipt. We encourage you to purchase shipping insurance. Until we receive the stone and confirm receipt you will be fully liable for the shipment. You release and hold harmless Courtney Reckord Jewelry and all of our deemed agents against any claims for loss or damage during shipping. Any claims that need to be made for lost or damaged shipments are your sole responsibility.

If you have precious metal you would like to reuse or recycle, I can help with that. Unless you want to reuse the metal specifically for sentimental reasons, my recommendation is to recycle it. I can send the metal to one of my suppliers who will melt it down and re-alloy the metal. They sell all recycled metal, so your metal will become part of a closed loop. They offer a rate of 85% of the current value of the gold. If you prefer to reuse the actual metal in your piece, it will not reduce the cost of your piece, as there are several additional charges incurred for this process, including refining your metal and a separate flask charge for casting. This is a good way to go if including the actual metal into your piece is important to you. If you have any questions about either of these processes, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

At the discretion of Courtney Reckord Jewelry, a custom piece will be repaired or replaced if any manufacturer defects are found in the first 12 months from the date of the purchase. Normal wear and tear and customer abuse is not covered under warranty. For any repairs of manufacturer defects or if you aren’t sure whether the issue is a defect, please contact us at

All repairs should be mailed to Courtney Reckord, 1115 Tower Road, Williamstown Vermont 05679. Repairs are only accepted by mail. We are not responsible for repairs that do not have complete return information.

I do not repair jewelry that was not created by me.

It is your responsibility to provide an accurate ring size prior to production. Pieces will be resized on a case-by-case basis, and come with a flat resizing fee of $100, except for gold, palladium and platinum pieces, which require a $250 resizing fee. Resizing is only available within 1 size otherwise the piece will have to be recast, meaning we will have to start again and create a new piece in the different size. Payment in full for the original piece and a Deposit for the new piece are required to be made prior to any recasting. Pieces such as eternity bands, intricate settings, or pieces featuring certain gemstones cannot be resized. Please allow 2-3 weeks for resizing.

I do not resize rings that were not created by me.