Creativity thwarted!

I always knew I liked making things. That is fairly obvious, considering that is what I choose to do for my job and how I spend most of my time.

However, until I recently lost most of the use of my right (dominant) hand I didn’t realize how essential creating is to me. It is healing. It will get better. I tore a ligament and it’s a long road to recovery. I use my right hand for everything. It is difficult to type, even harder to write, chopping is downright dangerous!

I think I almost had a nervous breakdown when it first happened.  This accident forced me to rethink my usual go-go-go attitude and slow down. Which is hard for me. And I am not sure I see the bigger picture, or ‘lesson’ yet.

What I am hoping that is that in this time of healing I will slow down enough to decide where to put my focus when I do get the use of my hand back. Recently I read Greg Mckeown’s book, Essentialism. The big idea is

Less but better

I love this idea! Less but better. Of everything! Less plans, just the best ones. Less commitments, just the ones you are super excited about. You can’t do everything. I wish I could and for a long time I tried, but it’s exhausting.

The less but better idea helps me to relax into my decisions to do less, and not worry so much about what I am missing.

I hope you find this idea helpful, and if you do- you might want to get his book  or listen to his interview with Michael Hyatt here .



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