IMG_2153I love the adventures, the outdoors, and especially mountains. I have a hard time sitting still. I love animals, cats in particular but dogs are pretty cool too. I really love all things imaginative. I have always loved to read and especially love these very obscure books that no one really knows. One is a series called Harry Potter and the other is the Lord of the Rings. Look them up, you might like them.

My first painting, based on the Cabela’s catalog cover. From a long time ago.

My love of the outdoors intersected with my love of making things and boom! I decided to try putting topography on jewelry. Why not wear the places you love? They can help remind you of a trip you took, or place you once lived or a place that you call home.

Each place is unique in it’s formation and the topography of that place reveals a lot. You might understand something about the place by looking at a zoomed out view, or you might just enjoy thinking about those ridges that you hiked and the views that you had from the top. Either way, carrying a unique place with you can help keep you grounded and centered, even when you are in places that might not be your favorites.