IMG_2153Hi! I am Courtney and I founded Courtney Reckord Jewelry in 2009. I was a high school art teacher at the time, and took a lot of professional development classes in different art media.

The first time I took a jewelry making class I fell in love and was immediately hooked. I started teaching and learning as much as I could and sold some jewelry on the side too.

My jewelry line was inspired by a wax casting unit that I created. I had hiked Camel’s Hump mountain that weekend and was making a model for demonstration purposes. I decided to carve a model of the mountain when I wondered if it would be possible to make models like that with actual data.

I then spend the next two years and countless hours trying to find out. When you do something new, there is no instruction manual, so I hit a lot of dead ends and found a lot of kind people to help me through different challenges with learning the skills I needed to make this project successful.

Finally I had a finished virtual model that I could create into a physical model, beginning with low resolution 3D prints using regular 3D printers, and ‘lost plastic’ casting. It was incredible to have a physical model after so many hours creating something virtual. It was rewarding and motivated me to continue.

I have build a great relationship with Ace Castings here in Vermont that does my casting work, and I am proud to have my work made in Vermont.

I love working with people to create one of a kind pieces to commemorate special occasions, childhood homes, and meaningful moments in life.