One of my favorite types of jewelry to create is nature-inspired, customized wedding bands. It is a special part of my work because I have the opportunity to hear your personal story. When I understand you, or both you and your partner a bit, I can create unique, wearable art that allows you to celebrate your love.

Perhaps you have a notion of what you’d like for your engagement ring or wedding band? Maybe you even have a clear idea? Most people I work with start with an experience they recall and a place that they love. Before I create a ring, I first understand the experience and the place.

If you are looking for a ring, or wedding bands, I can make the process enjoyable and be helpful as I share my knowledge and learn from you along the way.  The full process from our first conversation to delivery of the ring(s) takes anywhere from four to eight weeks.

Together we collaborate and decide on the unique and meaningful wedding jewelry that brings you and your partner happiness. There are choices you’ll make about the type of metal, the design, finish, and about the type of stone.

If you are looking for a customized wedding ring, I’d like to help you by creating something that symbolizes your love of each other and of place.

Mountain bands:

Mountain bands with stones:

Botanical bands:

River bands: 

Bespoke work:

Have an idea that is beyond what I have pictured here?

I love working on bringing your ideas to life!
Check out my terms and conditions for work outside the scope of the custom pieces on this page.Download

“We absolutely love the wedding band! It is truly perfect.
We don’t get married until August but my fiancé keeps trying to sneak his ring out and wear it!”

Courtney F., Adirondack Silhouette Ring