Rocks are cool

I love the way extreme heat and pressure in rocks manifests itself in such a beautiful array of different stones that we can use in jewelry!IMG_2957


Setting stones into jewelry is a fun way to incorporate color and patterns into your work. Incorporating cabochons (flat bottomed stones) into jewelry is easier than you might think. Beginning jewelers can imagine and create a design, with a stone as the centerpiece.

Sometimes I create the same design in several different ways using different stones. Sometimes I let the stones dictate what I make. Whatever I do, I enjoy including the amazing gems into my work!

IMG_2518I find it amazing that there are such a variety of stones in different shapes that reflect what they are made up of and how they were created.

Lately I have become interested in lapidary work, which is the forming and shaping of stones, and inlay, which involves combining stones together.

This was my first inlay piece. I love it! I had such fine combining the different stones in different ways, cutting them into different shapes. I like how I can tell a story through this type of work.

I am looking forward to seeing how this work develops. I hope that you have some creative pursuit that draws you in like this!

Cheers to your creativity!


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