Making in Community

This week’s post is inspired by my work at the Generator Makerspace in Burlington (check it out!). I have been a member here off and on for almost 2 years. The first time I heard about this place I thought “A place to make shit? Sign me up!”

I went to visit as soon as I could. I was… underwhelmed at first. I saw some cool looking machines and stuff but wasn’t really sure what their capabilities were. Then I started having conversations with people about what they were making.

That’s when I realized that the machines weren’t even half of the equation. Well, maybe they are half- but what really makes the Generator, and so many other places like it tick is the people. You can’t help but strike up a conversation with an interesting person about the cool project they are working on, and before you know it you end up collaborating with them on some crazy cool project. People are often very generous with their knowledge and willing to help you problem solve and trouble shoot. They are also too willing to throw more ideas at you then you would be able to use!

I volunteer my time at the Generator once a week for three hours. I get a discount on membership, but that is not why I do it. I do it because being around other creative and curious people is incredibly nourishing for me.  I love to see what other artists and makers are spending their time doing. It is inspiring to see what people can and do make a living creating.

I encourage you to find your creative community ‘home.’ Whether it is a once a week knitting class, an intensive artist retreat or a maker space like the Generator, you might find that it feeds your spirit too!

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