Who knew? Camel’s Hump Nordic Ski area is AWESOME!

Who knew that there is an amazing place called Camel’s Hump Nordic Ski Area? I didn’t until yesterday. A serene place in Huntington Vermont for cross country skiing, CHN has over 35 miles of trails that range from beginner to expert.

I am a moderate skier, and usually ski in the field and trails near my house. My skiis don’t have metal edges, so I obviously usually stick to flat-ish terrain. I went skiing with my friend Jim today and luckily he lent me some skis that had metal edges. Even the beginner trails at CH nordic didn’t seem all that beginner to me.

Parking is just off to the left on Bert White Road in Huntington. Make sure you have the exact address loaded into your GPS because you might lose service like I did and have to hope that there are people to ask where you are going!

Once you have parked, there is a hut that is unstaffed that you can go in to pay the modest trail fees ($10 a day – $75 a season).

I would suggest taking a photo of the map because there weren’t any maps available and although there are trail signs you need a map.

Another word of caution- the trail marked Stagecoach Rd is actually a road is actually a road. So on a day like today where the snow was soft and not too plentiful, it didn’t work to ski on it- so mapping out a route that doesn’t include that trail would be beneficial.

The skiing is challenging and fun!  Lots of animal tracks, not too swamped with people, and some great views of the Green Mountains!

There are tons of great places to nordic ski in Vermont and this is one of them!

Make the most of the warmer winter weather and get outside, it will do you good.

Here are my friend Jim and me ( I am not bald but I look it) on one of our many stops to check out the map.


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