What’s your spark?

What is that thing that really fires you up? Maybe it’s hiking on a beautiful fall day.

Maybe it’s thinking about a story you just heard on NPR about equal pay for equal work.

It could be that you can’t stop thinking about that horrific earthquake or other natural disaster.

It doesn’t have to be something ‘positive’ to be an inspiration.

Whatever it is it can be fuel for your creativity.


Creative work doesn’t have to be pretty landscapes. It will be more moving to others if it is meaningful to you.

Think about what inspires you. What issues call to you.

What was the moment in your day yesterday that you are still thinking about today?

What can you glean from that experience to feed your creativity?

Maybe you can make an art piece about it.


Perhaps you will find enough inspiration to create a whole body of work.

Or maybe you will just incorporate a bit of your experience into your work.

All of our work has pieces and parts of our experience in it. We can’t help that.

But sometimes I know I shy away from those big issues in my life or the world because they are too overwhelming. But I know there is a lot of power in those things that move me.

I bet you have things that can inspire you too.

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