This time last year

On this cold sunny day in Vermont I am reminiscing about our trip out west this time last year.
I wasn’t expecting hot and sunny- we were happy with not freezing and sunny!

We flew into Las Vegas, and we checked out the Neon Museum before booking it out of town.








Our stop in Death Valley was really exceptional.

It rained.
The average rainfall in Death Valley is 2 inches. The whole year.
That in comparison to around 40 in Vermont.

And we were there! If we had been there for a few more days we would have seen and smelled the desert plants
spring into bloom! I love how quickly they spring to life after a rainfall.
What the rain did for us is made it possible to climb the sand dunes a little easier.
It’s like walking on the beach at a 45 degree angle.


Our hike into the Canyons was one of my favorite parts. We didn’t hike in Titus Canyon- you have to drive that,
we hiked in the canyon next to Titus. We felt like we were alone and it was a gorgeous day.

After our hike we visited a Ghost Town that had a really cool outdoor museum right there. The sculptures were both creepy and fantastic.
I look forward to checking out other places in the world soon.







Titus Canyon Topographical Necklace


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