How many of you know exactly what you want to accomplish creatively- raise your hand?

Me too!

Ok, of those people who know what you want to do creatively, how many people just can’t find the time to actually sit down to DO it? Raise your hand.

Me too!

Why is that?

I think there are many reasons of course, among them fear and permission.

What do I mean by permission?

Robert Burridge puts it very well by saying that we need to give ourselves permission to be creative. He has even gone so far as to print out actual permission slips that he hands out at workshops!

I love it!

Why do we need to give ourselves permission?

I am sure everyone is different, but I think that overwhelmingly people are so busy, that creativity seems like a fluffy extra that can be shoved aside like that pink coat that you really want to buy but know that you ‘shouldn’t.’

While arguably nourishing your creativity isn’t as important as buying food, it feeds your soul in a different way than food feeds your body, and it is every bit as essential.

I find that when I nourish my creativity every other part of my day feels more vibrant and alive, and when I don’t my life feels dim and dull.

Is this true for you too?

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More on the fear aspect of resistance next time.


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