Evening Series– Etching — September 18th


In this new evening series you can learn a specific technique and come away with a finished product, or products depending on the complexity of your design. The wonderful thing about etching is the intricacy you can achieve with the technique. Whether it is your own art work you are using or imagery that you find, you can transform it into something wonderful. For this class I will ask for your art work ahead of time, so I can make sure the etchings are well under way when we start class. I will show you how to etch, but since the etching takes time I want to start the process ahead of class. We will then use class time to complete designs using your etchings. Etchings will be done on copper and will be able to take patinas wonderfully. Workshops are $75 each, including all materials. Take three for $200 and all 4 for $250.