It’s not perfect

I write this as I anticipate the Womens’ Festival of Crafts tomorrow here in Burlington.  I haven’t participated in a craft show in many years, partly because the last experience wasn’t that great, and partly because I don’t feel I really have the temperament for it.

But I decided to go for it. Am I ready? Almost! Is everything perfect? Certainly not!

If I waited for everything to be perfect I would never be able to begin. I had to make a lot of decisions and assumptions and just sort of jump in.

Do I know what will sell? No! Is my display perfect? No! Am I ready to face the disappointment that might come if no customers come? Definitely not.

But I am willing to try. And learn something that will help me for next time. And know that I did my best even if my stuff doesn’t fly.

I believe in myself as a creative person and I really love the work I am creating right now (topo jewelry- check it out if you haven’t!). I believe it is interesting, unique and meaningful. That’s the best I can do. It’s not perfect, but it’s something!

What is your version of ‘not perfect?’ I would love to hear!

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