I can’t do THAT!

How many times a (pick one) minute/ day/ month/ year  do you hear yourself say ‘I can’t do that!’ Maybe you say it to yourself or maybe out loud, it really doesn’t matter.

Why do you say that? Is it honestly something that you have tried your best to do, and you weren’t successful? Or does it actually mean something else?

Maybe you actually mean ‘I don’t  WANT to do that!’ Or maybe it’s ‘I am not COMFORTABLE  with that!’ Or maybe it means ‘I don’t have the CONFIDENCE  to even TRY that!’

Think of a time recently that you said that to yourself.

Go ahead! Imagine yourself in the situation.

This is what you said: “I can’t do THAT!’

What you really meant was _____________.

If what you meant was “I don’t WANT to do that” than great! Don’t! Just be clear with yourself.

If what you meant was “I am not COMFORTABLE with that” (but I want to try it) maybe you could figure out a way to try whatever it is with help or training so you CAN get comfortable with it!

If what you meant was “I don’t have the CONFIDENCE to TRY” then why don’t you ask yourself why?

Everyone master was once a beginner that had the same doubts about trying something new.

They too took things step by step and took pleasure in the learning that they acquired.

Every person on the planet is fantastic at learning new things- we all had to learn a lot in order to grow up!

Just remember to ask yourself the next time you say “I can’t do THAT!”

What do I REALLY mean?




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