“I am willing to work harder because I love what I do”

This quote encompasses the idea of internal motivation. If you love what you do you will naturally want to work harder, because you enjoy the process. You are working on a project because it brings you joy, not because someone else is telling you to do it.

I encountered this quote in taking my students to visit Harry Besett, a wonderful glassblower living in Hardwick Vermont. He has been practicing his art and making a living from it for the past 40 years. Sure, there are parts of owning his own business that he likes less than the actual glassblowing, but he does those in service to the parts that he does love. He makes amazing work and is a natural teacher.

I love making jewelry. I have another job that I spend most of my time doing, but I wake up early in order to spend time doing what I love. No, I don’t love getting up at 5AM but I know that I will be spending that time doing something that I love so getting up earlier is worth it.

I notice for myself if I am doing the things that I love, that feeds me in a way that nothing else does. I feel less desire to do things that I wish I would do less of- overeat, spend money in frivolous ways, waste time surfing the internet, etc. It becomes easier. Not every moment, but in general.

What are the things that you do because you love them? I hope there is something!

If not, I suggest that you find that thing or those many things.

Cheers, and happy spring!



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