Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year when people start to make resolutions.
I think of resolutions as a negative thing, made with positive intentions.
For example, ‘I will not eat sugar.” Wanting to be healthy is great, but when you frame it like that, it’s not going to get you anywhere.

‘I want to feel good in my body’ feels like a different kind of goal than ‘I want to lose weight.’
It feels more inspiring, more positive, more affirming.

Maybe you want to think about your resolutions more like goals than resolutions.

Can you make them more fun? More about joy and happiness? That is much more likely to be sustainable than telling yourself what you can’t do.

Right now, maybe you can try to set one goal for yourself, and maybe that goal can relate to being creative.

Try something new! Been wanting to learn how to scrapbook?
Maybe now is the time to find a group to join.

Revisit something old! Have a half finished sweater that is just screaming to be finished? Make some time every day to knit a row.

Branch out a tiny bit. Been painting landscapes? Maybe now is the time to pick up a book to find different approaches or to try portrait painting!

Say yes! Did someone ask you to get out of your comfort zone? Maybe create something for them, teach them something, learn something with them- and you started to have the thought “No, I could never____.” Stop that thought! SAY YES!


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