Do you use recycled metal? Yes! All of my work is made with recycled metals.

I want to exchange something. How do I do that? Please email me to make sure that I have what you want to exchange your item for. Then you can mail it to me and I will change it out for the product you requested. If there is a price difference, you will need to pay the difference if the item you are exchanging for is more, or I will refund the difference if it is less. You will be responsible for the shipping costs.

I want to return something. All non custom items can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Custom items cannot be returned.

My chain broke on my necklace. I have worked hard to find chain that will be elegant while being durable. But sometimes it does break. I will fix the chain once, no charge if that break was not caused by an action of yours. If the break was an accident, I am still happy to replace the chain for a nominal fee, depending on the metal of the chain.

What are your time frames for shipping? I ship in stock items within two business days. If something needs to be specially ordered or is out of stock I will email you to let you know.

What is your time frame for custom work? Custom work takes time. I design the piece, and it goes through many many steps before it is finished. this can take 4- 6 weeks after the design is approved. Sometimes it is less, but this process is an art and a science and cannot be rushed.

I am an independent artist. I do my absolute best to make sure that you love what I make for you. I also make things at affordable prices. My casting gets done elsewhere. I cannot control the time frame for that aspect of my work. I will do my best to communicate to you if there are snags in the process. Otherwise, please refrain from emailing me unless you have a change of address or something similar. My time is better spent working on your order than responding to your email!